Curso de Especialista en Punción Seca y Readaptación Motora mediante Ejercicio 2023

Discinesia Escapular – 2023

2010 Infraspinatus strength assessment before and after
2010 Risk Factors for Volleyball-Related Shoulder Pain and
2012 ++ Effects of scapular dyskinesis and scapular assistance test on Sbuacromial space
2012 Does scapular dyskinesis affect top rugby players during a game
2012 The Natural History of Idiopathic Frozen Shoulder
2013 control motor impingement
2014 revision puncion placebo y lidocaina
2015 Comprehensive classification test of scapular dyskinesis
2015 electrolisis hombro
2015 Low load eccentric exercise as PROTECTIVE of muscle damage
2016 Adaptation of muscle activity in scapular baseball players
2016 Alterations of scapular kinematics and associated muscle activation
2016 Effects of dry needling to the symptomati
2016 Influence of pectoralis minor and upper trapezius lengths on
2016 Rotator cuff related shoulder pain
2016 Scapular dyskinesis among competitive swimmers
2016 The Shoulder at Risk Scapular Dyskinesis
2017 are degenerative rotator cuff disorders a cause of shoulder pain
2017 DN vs Manual Therapy Shoulder
2017 prevalence shoulder pain muscle
control motor serrato
cook tendon
Exp Brain Res 2010; 202 (4) 915-925. TrPs and PPT in shoulder impingement
Fernandez_5768_Chapter 33_main
2005 Effect of abducting and adducting muscle acitivityon glenohumeral

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